Welcome to my Linux site. This site focuses on my passion for the command line interface (CLI). I'm convinced that anything that can be done in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be done in the CLI. The focal point of this site is a list of CLI Desktop Applications emphasizing how to get things done in the CLI. I've also added other resources that enhance the user's experience in the CLI such as, example user config files, CLI tutorials, links to other CLI resources and useful code usually simple bash scripts that make life in the CLI a little more enjoyable. 

Recommended Applications for an all CLI Desktop System

These are my recommendations for default applications on a command line only desktop system. These are the applications I use everyday. Please see the Command Line Apps page for a more extensive list.


Alpine - an easy to use and highly configurable email client
elinks - text only web browser
links2 - web browser that runs in the framebuffer, capable of displaying images
ncftp - ftp client
youtube-dl - youtube video downloader
bashpodder - podcast podcatcher
newsbeuter - RSS feed reader
ssh - Remote access
rtorrent - bittorrent client
wicd - network/wireless manager which runs in ncurses
scp - transfer files over a network
aria2 - downloader
centerim - instant messenger
irssi - irc clinet

Office Suite

latex - word processing
vim - text editor
slsc - spreadsheet
tpp - presentations (use figlet for fonts)
hnb - note-taking
fbgs - View .pdf files in the framebuffer
dict - dictionary
ispell - Spell correction
antiword - view .doc files as text
uniconv - convert various file formats to be readable in the CLI
docx2txt - convert .docx files to text

Social Networking

Charm - blogging application
twidge - twitter and identi.ca client
fbcmd - Facebook client


gcalcli - google calendar on the commandline
todo.sh - to-do list
contact script - address book
pwsafe - password manager


mplayer - plays video in the framebuffer, also plays flash videos from the web
moc - music player
alsamixer - audio mixer
cdparanoia - CD/DVD ripper
mybashburn - CD/DVD buring

Games (I like to play)

Quake - playing in dosbox on the framebuffer
ninvaders - space invaders clone
monop - monopoly game as part of BSD games
boggle - part of BSD games
backgammon - part of BSD games
pacman - a pac-man game clone


vim - html editor


dosbox - DOS emulator capable of running on the framebuffer
htop - system monitor
truecrypt - encrypting drives
weather-util - weather application
zip - compress files
tar - back up
rsync - backing up my system
mc - file manager
lp - printing
bible-kjv - King James version of the Bible
dropbox - file syncronation
scanimage - scanning images and documents