Code I've written code that pertains to the desktop command line interface, usually bash scripts that make things easier. I want to focus on the desktop, so you won't find things that pertain to maintaining servers. If you have code that you feel you would like to have linked here let me know. You can email me at jared (at) jaredandcoralee (dot) com.

CLI Menu

This bash script is my attempt to have an easy to use application menu for the CLI. I guess it could be called my application menu for the CLI, similar application menus in Gnome, KDE or other GUI window managers to quickly start applications. I haven't looked at it for awhile so it might need some tweaks and you will need to have all the applications installed that the menu will call upon. You can find a list of the apps here. Feel free to send me suggestions or improvements to the script. I'm not a developer, so I'm sure my code could be improved upon and make more concise. You can find the CLI menu script here.